Noah’s the one in the middle with the cast.

Noah’s the one in the middle with the cast.

Noah is a podcast producer who has developed, launched, and grown a number of podcasts at Starburns Audio and Feral Audio.

Noah has produced: Dumb People Town, Pen Pals with Daniel & Rory, View From The Cheap Seats, Humans Who Make Games with Adam Conover, The Boogie Monster, QUEERY, My Brother’s Sneaker, Minor Revelations with Drew Droege, The Sunday Show, and more.

Whether he’s in the control booth of recording studio, backstage at a venue with a Zoom recorder, or in a meeting room putting a game plan together, Noah is in his comfort zone when he’s collaborating with others to create engaging and powerful audio programming.

Here’s a selection of work he’s very proud of.

When he’s not producing podcasts, Noah is a writer, photographer, doodler, amateur genealogist, beer nerd, board game enthusiast, and — to be brutally honest — a pretty mediocre guitar player.